Today, citizens depend on county government more than ever before, which makes it more important than ever that dedicated people run – not just those with connections, or with the wealth to do so! The office of County Commissioner is to help satisfy the needs of the people, and not for personal gain.

The most important thing that a county commissioner can do is stay in touch with constituents. I am here for you!  If you have a particular issue, or complaint about taxes, a problem with a sidewalk or a street light, it would be my job to make sure that issue is addressed. I may or may not have any authority to do anything about it, but I will do my best to assure that it is addressed.

I am Republican, but I will reach out to my fellow Commissioners to do what is right for Bay County.  I have a common sense approach to financial responsibility. I will fight for you to help stop over-spending and needless spending.  I believe it is not the right of the government to spend any tax money they receive, but that it is the government responsibility to spend it wisely and spend within their means.  After all, it’s OUR money to use in support of OUR community!

My wife and I noticed, as we were looking at homes on the market, that while the price of a home may be a good value, the property taxes are too high. I am afraid if this trend continues, Bay County will lose more people to other areas of the state where taxes are less – or worse, they will leave our state altogether.

If elected, I plan to defer the travel pay, life insurance and health insurance.  As a veteran, I already have exemplary medical care and I don’t feel I need to get paid to drive to work!  If required by law, to accept these funds, I will donate the net amount to a no-kill shelter in Bay County.

I stand for :

  • Financial responsibility and transparency
  • Public safety
  • Fighting for the taxpayer
  • Working together as a team regardless of party affiliation

Thank you, and I hope I can earn your vote for County Commissioner.

Joe Johnson
Candidate for Bay County Commission, District 5

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Joe Johnson • 7412 Blake Dr. • Bay City, MI 48706